Long Range Shooting

One of my hobbies is long range shooting. Over the years I have found whether you are shooting targets or game, with the right rifle and a Huskemaw long range scope combined with the right load and custom turret – you can make those long shots that you thought were impossible with such ease.

It will make you a confident shooter and with no hesitation you can take those 600 + yard shots. I’ve found in the field with the long range setup we have made more one shot kills and have lost fewer animals.

I’ve teamed up with Terry Schmidt with Schmidt’s Guns, and we now offer custom building of long range rifle packages. We also can scope up your rifle with a Huskemaw LR Scope and custom turrets. All rifles are field tested.

Please contact us for pricing info, or setup a time to come shoot a custom long range rifle at our 1,000 yard range!

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